We believe everyone should have easier access to healthy, regionally grown food at an affordable price.

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Our Mission

We are here to initiate an end-to-end streamlining and decentralization of food supply chains everywhere!

Decentralization and automation result in radically reduced waste and costs that also enables anyone to instantly know where their food originated while bringing as much fresh, locally grown food to humans wherever they decide to eat – at home, restaurants, cafeterias and groceries.

Our Story

As an 8-yr old boy, Azoti CEO Dave Ranallo’s 1st-generation Italian grandparents would lure him into helping with their “victory gardens” by playing a simple game – guess which tomato was grown in the garden vs bought at the store. Upon tasting the homegrown one, he remembers distinctly saying, “Grandma, this one tastes just like a sweet fruit!” My grandma shrewdly replied, “Tomatoes are fruits and should always taste like this.”

Those childhood memories lived within him throughout his life and professional career, which was devoted to streamlining complex supply chains utilizing “turn of the century” Internet-based solutions for F500 companies in automotive, financial services and healthcare verticals.

Azoti Launches as a Food Hub

In 2012, Dave decided to take this passion for fresh, tasty, sustainably grown food and knowledge of supply chains to launch ‘Azoti’ (ah zoe tee), which is derived from the Italian word for ‘nitrogen’ – the most abundant element on Earth essential for the sustenance of all living things and an accelerant for plant growth.

However, unlike most Internet entrepreneurs, he decided to NOT first build a software solution; but instead, he launched a Food Hub in order to fully understand the “messy middle” challenges of the regional food space. For the next 4 years, the Azoti team worked within distributors’ warehouses then partnered with different types of small & mid-sized local producers to sell their food to retailers, foodservice and directly to consumers via CSA subscriptions.

The Azoti Food Hub Becomes Azoti.com

The roller coaster, operationally intensive experiences as a food hub opened Dave’s eyes to the degree to which this industry lags behind all others in IT best practices, transparency of supplier relationships and negotiating in more collaborative win-win ways. Thus, you have an industry with 30% of food being wasted and a continued lack of locally sourced food, i.e. farm to fable.

With firsthand knowledge and deep experiences, he decided to launch Azoti.com in 2016. He and his team dedicate their time and efforts towards building what Azoti is today – a planning and eProcurement SaaS platform for food buyers that fills the evident gaps within regionals food supply chains.

Meet Our Team

Dave Ranallo

Founder & CEO

Since 1997, Dave has led F500 and early stage companies – Ford, Toyota, ING, Fidelity, Swapalease.com, SalonLofts.com – to becoming more CUSTOMER-CENTRIC by building and implementing SaaS-based eProcurment and supply chain mgt solutions.

Andrew Jones

Director of Implementation

Worked at an organic farm and ran the Azoti food hub in 2015. Brings deep functional knowledge and technical coding skills.

Ruchita Bhatane

Product Manager

Worked as a senior software engineer and marketing manager before joining Azoti as a product manager. Ruchita brings interpersonal skills and management expertise in addition to her technical skills.

Danielle Deley

Brand / PR

Experienced brand developer

Brad Beasecker

CFO & BOD Member

Has raised over $100M over his career and was CXO of multiple startups across 4 industries.

Meet our Board of Directors & Advisors

Chuck Dooley

BOD Member

One of the top commodity crop farmers in TX and is the managing partner of the West Texas Angel Network.

Dan Charna

BOD Chair

Founder / COO of Glory Foods and now tenured professor at Ohio Wesleyan University School of Entrepreneurialism

Reggie Griffin

Strategic Advisor

Former Global EVP of Kroger – Produce & Florals and launched the certified organic product category across N. America.

Kelly Garcia

Strategic Advisor

Serves as Dominos Pizza CTO

Victor Thorne

Strategic Advisor

Founded iTradeNetwork.com