The Azoti solution is “plug n play” with any supply chain
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Business-to-Business Solutions

We configure modules based your needs. Our customized plans vary based on:

  • Modules implemented
    • Demand Planning
    • Just-in-Time Order Processing
    • Traceability
    • Promotions
    • Reporting
  • Size of stores or units
  • Number of markets activated*
Depending on your selections, you can expect annual charges of $600 – $3000 per operator location.

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  • Demand Plan with Regional Farmers (Lock-in lower costs for next year)
  • Distributor ROI Analysis by adding J-I-T Order Processing (Increases bottom lines by 30-50% in 18 months)
*- markets are defined as your contracted distributor’s service area

Business-to-Consumer Solutions

We offer customized plans to help launch or enhance your consumer-driven grocery sales channel. Our plan includes:

  • One-time setup fee to integrate our software with your favorite regional suppliers
  • Transaction fee as low as 1% based on total volume
  • Business development assistance to help you recruit supply and demand partners

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  • Grocery Price Comparison Analysis (Discover if your product offering is competitive for your locale)