It’s not unusual to throw around words like “orgasmic” to describe a great meal or unbelievable sex. We get it: food influences our lives. But it also influences our sex lives — and the lives of those who act in the world’s sexiest adult-movie scenes. We got in touch with our favorite porn stars to find out just how much of a role food plays in their lives, thereby finally answering that age-old, nagging question: what do porn stars actually eat?

Tasha Reign

Founder/owner, Reign Productions, award-winning adult entertainer, on Twitter @tashareign

“I don’t like eating before I have sex and neither do my co-workers,” says Tasha. “If you forced me to eat something before, I might grab a coffee to pump up my energy or a dessert like chocolate cake or pink berry.”

Tasha craves In-N-Out burgers the same way she craves sex, but and most especially after sex. A turn-on pre-sex is something sweet and light and romantic, like strawberries and whipped cream.

“I’m a vegetarian and not super into food,” she said, “although I appreciate a great dish. I enjoy the LA trend of juice cleanses and light vegan meals.” As for her other cravings? She loves french fries, grilled cheese, nachos and pizza.

Asa Akira

Wicked performer, author of Insatiable: Porn — A Love Story, award-winning adult entertainer, on Twitter @AsaAkira

“Personally, I don’t ever mix food and sex,” Asa said of food’s role in her sex life. “Currently, I eat to live. But there is a fat woman inside of me patiently waiting to come out. Once I’m done with porn, I will most certainly be living to eat. My dream is to go on a year-long eating vacation, where I travel the world solely for the purpose of tasting new foods.”

As for Asa’s food favorite? “CARBS. And not the healthy kind like sweet potatoes and apples. I’m talking grains like bread, rice and pasta.”

Derrick Pierce

Adult Empire star, award-nominated actor and director, boot camp instructor, personal trainer, on Twitter @dpiercexxx and @THEDPIERCE

Derrick’s not a big food-as-foreplay guy. “It’s not something that I normally mess with,” he said, “but strawberries or bananas are great starters. I’m not a fan of syrups because they get so sticky and after a few ‘bites’ the sweetness is too much. Whipped cream is also a decent option… olive oil and natural coconut oil can be a lot of fun. They’re naturally absorbed, slick and not sticky… and can be used as lubrication.”

And, he loves messy, saucy food: “I just like watching a woman slowly lick or suck her fingers,” he said. “I’m a pervert like that.” As for food cravings and favorite eats, deep-dish pizza tops the list with big chunks of tomatoes, cheese and chicken or sausage. Another favorite is real ice cream: “I don’t have it very often but when I do, I try to eat as much as I can.”

Mindi Mink

Pure Taboo contract star, former webcam model, on Twitter @MindiMink 

“I love preparing sexy, fun food to use for foreplay,” said Mindi. “My favorites are whipped cream to squirt onto all the yummy parts of the body and slowly lick it off. Chocolate sauce or honey can be used in the same wonderful way. And various fruits are great to feed my partner.”

As a girl-on-girl performer, Mindi also had some note-worthy foods she likes to feed her lady friends.  “Strawberries, grapes and bananas are best for watching her mouth taste the fruit,” she said, “while slowly sucking on each piece. Watching this gets me very aroused, as I can imagine her lips and tongue on me and know it will soon be my turn.”

Mindi loves soft caramel and said the texture and sweetness give her a food high. “I’ve always been a woman who lives to eat!” she said. “I’m half Italian, which I’m sure has something to do with it, plus I love to cook and feed others.  When I go on vacation I plan my days based on where I’m going to get the best food around.” She also craves carbs and sugar — pasta with chicken and a pesto cream sauce, pizza with thin crust and lots of cheese and toppings — and loves any type of dessert.
Key takeaways for all you horny foodies: rethink that big meal before a hot date. Indulging every once in awhile is OK. You might score points if you blindfold your partner and then feed him or her. You can’t go wrong with Italian food or whipped cream. And lastly, occasionally overeating your favorite food is a rite of passage (and love handles might even get you laid more). So eat well and have great sex. Bon Appetite.