Enabling Commercial Food Buyers to Reduce Waste by Efficiently Sourcing from Hyper-Local Farms


Our services and software bring more transparency, collaboration & efficiency to food value chains located anywhere enabling both waste reduction and simplified hyper-local sourcing (< 150 miles).

We help food retailers with a vertically integrated value chains, foodservice/restaurants partnering with independent wholesalers or group purchasing organizations (GPO’s) seeking ways to enhance memberships and reduce costs.

Our turnkey & incremental approach is implemented at any distributor resulting in:

  • Food Buyers lowering costs by 2-5% and gaining access to more local varieties
  • Distributors increase net profits by up to 50%
  • Local Farmers & Food Hubs increasing predictability and revenue by accessing more customers quickly

How it Works: A 2-step process

1) Demand & Crop Planning
Food Hubs collaborate with Distributors, who in turn promote to their hundreds of buyers. Distributors & Azoti facilitate Demand Planning sessions with Buyers & Food Hubs. Food Hubs use a Demand Plan to create a crop plan for the upcoming season

2) Just-In-Time Inventory & Transparent Ordering
Efficiency and food waste reduction is achieved as no product is picked at the farm UNTIL an order is made by the buyer! When a product is nearing availability, the Farmer & Distributor will update the Azoti system with the products. The Buyers can order ahead with delivery 2-3 days following the pick, ensuring freshness.

How to launch in your locale if a...


The word, Azoti (ah zoe tee), comes the from the Italian word meaning 'nitrogen.'
As nitrogen accelerates plant growth, that’s what we do for small local farmers everywhere.


Over the past 2 decades, the Azoti team has implemented eCommerce & supply chain solutions for Fortune 1000 companies across multiple industries along with running a food hub ourselves since 2012 in Columbus, OH.

Now, we are bringing a combination of services & software to the food value chain so commercial food buyers can source truly local food in a transparent and mutually beneficial way from food hubs and small local farmers


Think of Azoti as "food value chain coordinator" that alleviates the hassles and optimizes every stakeholder's effort for sourcing from food hubs and small local farmers. We offer the following services & software to ensure win-win-win results.


Growing for a known demand is the ultimate for a small farmer. By Demand Planning with food buyers during the off-season, farmers gain critical feedback as to what, when and how much to grow. Food buyers can now easily plan ahead to source unique varieties from truly local sources and help build community in their locales.


The best way to accelerate growth for food hubs and small local farmers is by collaborating with commercial value chain members in a mutually beneficial way. That means any solution must be convenient and profitable for all value chain members especially the food buyers. Azoti facilitates this collaboration and seamlessly connects food hubs into a distributor’s existing operations and systems resulting in ONE order, delivery and invoice for food buyers.


To get food buyers creating demand plans and placing orders more quickly, Azoti can provide cash incentives to a distributor’s sales team for actively recruiting their customers to participate. Again, win-win-win means just that for EVERY value chain member including sales people. Incentives drive behavior for most but especially sales people. Let’s get them aligned and selling for small farmers now!


Sometimes food buyers get too busy or flat out forget to place orders leaving the food hub and farmers scrambling to find a suitable home for their products. Sometimes farmers have crop turbulence leaving distributors scrambling to find substitutes for their customers. Azoti helps when issues arise by monitoring, communicating and nudging the value chain when necessary with notifications, reminders and maybe even a phone call.


Demand Planning Integrated with Ordering

The Azoti Demand Planning module makes it easy for the value chain to document demand plans in the off season then disseminate to all value chain members without messing with dozens of spreadsheets. By providing this level of predictability and commitment, food hubs and small farmers can plan with confidence and ensure food safety compliance is achieved.

However, a lot can happen between off-season planning and in-season ordering. That’s why we integrated our Demand Planning module with Ordering as a way to remind food buyers about their commitments and make it as easy as possible to place orders.

Just-In-Time Inventory Process

Local means freshness! To achieve freshness, food producers and movers have to stay clear from the traditional process of “plant, pick & pray” then delivering to a warehouse so hopefully a food buyer places an order. This traditional process is THE major contributor to 40% of all food being wasted.

With the Azoti J-I-T Inventory process, no product is picked at the farm UNTIL an order is made! While reducing food waste by 80% for farmers and food movers, it does mean food buyers have to slightly plan ahead instead of ordering with next day delivery. Don’t worry, the Azoti Inventory Mgt module allows for products to be ordered both next day and J-I-T.

Transparent Ordering

Azoti is taking transparency and traceability to the next level opening up a new world to food buyers. No more debating “what local means” as food buyers can choose for themselves by seeing the distance-to-producer. They can also search by product freshness, growing practices or farm size plus gain an understanding of seasonal availability.

Best of all, Azoti enables food buyers to see product availability within a distributor's warehouse AND “in-the-field” at the farm. "in-the-field" product means no farm labor has been spent picking, delivering and storing the product yet. When food buyers place orders, they're guaranteeing freshness along with accessing truly unique product varieties grown in small quantities, which aren't normally warehoused by distributors.


Please submit your information. An Azoti representative will get you started with a demo and recommended next steps.
We've witnessed food value chains launch within 2 weeks of starting the Azoti process!

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